Kentucky Coffee Tree

$39.95 $89.95
This listing is for one XL/jumbo size 2-3 feet tall Kentucky Coffee Tree seedling.

THIS LIVE TREE WILL BE SHIPPED IN A DORMANT STATE (Winter Sleep - No Leaves) from October- May and with trimmed leaves trimmed from June- September) AND BARE ROOT (No Planter Pot or Soil)

The seedling you are bidding is 2 years old. It will be shipped with the roots wrapped in wet media during dormancy (October-May) in Terra-sorb (a wetting agent which keeps the roots moist during shipment). It is recommended to pot it or plant it in open ground promptly as you receive it and be sure to water thoroughly. Be sure to keep the roots moist all the time.

The seedling will be sent secured well in its package. It has developed a good root system and ready to be transplanted to its permanent location.

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