Previt Tree (Japanese) seedling 24-36 inches tall (2 year old nursery grown bare-root seedlings)

These are very healthy 24-36 inches (average height of 30 inches) Japanese Previt trees. They will ship bare-root with their roots wrapped in moist media for safe shipment and ready to plant!

NOTE - All plants/seedlings shipped from November-April may be semi-dormant or dormant. They will flush out in Spring or in several weeks if planted inside with light.

Privets are evergreen shrubs that may reach 30 feet in height. These shrubs have opposite, leathery, oblong leaves that terminate with a pointed tip. The stems are opposite or whorled and red tinged with many raised lenticels and the bark is light gray. Many small, white, and fragrant flowers appear in April to June. Drupes containing 1 to 4 seeds mature from July to March. They are commonly used in Bonsai.

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