Spirea (false pink) tree seedling XL size 18-24 inches (some slightly taller)

$24.95 $39.95
One bare root XL size 18-24 inches tall healthy seedling HARDINESS ZONES: 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10. Early to mid season vibrant blooms. Full sun to mostly shady. THIS LIVE TREE WILL BE SHIPPED IN A DORMANT STATE (Winter Sleep - No Leaves) from October- May and with trimmed leaves trimmed from June- September) AND BARE ROOT (No Planter Pot or Soil) SIZE SHIPPED: 18-24 inches tall, bare-root with roots wrapped in water absorbing gel crystals for safe shipment. Astilbe are wonderful hardy perennials that can grow in full sun, part sun or shade. As with most perennials Astilbe grow best in well draining soil. They can be a good a good choice for large containers. They do have fragrant flowers and blooms and their foliage is very attractive even without blossoms. Astilbe are not favorable to deer or rabbits. NOTE- All seedlings shipped from November-April will be shipped semi-dormant or dormant

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