King Mulberry


Rare and hard to find tree!  We have a few available but be sure to get yours before they are gone!

Beautiful tree with gorgeous large leaves that gets about 20 feet high.  The white fruit is about 4-5 inches long and incredibly sweet. The tree will produce LOADS of flavorful and sweet white fruit. VERY hard to find. One of my top two favorite varieties next to Tice (incredible variety but a bit harder to root.)  HUGE berries with tons of sweetness and a honey flavor. Very good. I read the other day that many people consider it the best tasting variety of all -- big berry with huge honey and table sugar flavor.  Big favorite with small children. 

Shipped bare-root and ready to plant!  (12-20 inches tall)
Shipped dormant from September-May (no or few leaves)

Customer Reviews

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Robert Tropea
Great mulberry tree

Received my tree plus an extra. Thanks!

Joseph Tomao
Never received the item

I called, sent numerous emails used Facebook messenger and still no response. Horrible experience

Bobby Bullard

When the plant arrived, it was already shriveled. I’ve tried everything possible get it to come back, but it died.

Daniel Harrison
Arrived alive and well

Arrived alive and well. No issues with order. Seems to be thriving still.

Heather Westbrook
King Mulberry

I was extremely skeptical since this variety cannot often be found. I went ahead and ordered, optimistically. I was beyond PLEASED! So pleased, I didn't take any photos, I was so anxious to get it planted. The plant arrived well packed, in a heavy cardboard tube, capped at both ends. Inside, the tree roots were packed with enough moist dirt to survive during transport. On top, and below, the tree, packing materials prevented the tree from sliding from one end of the tube to the next end. After opening, the roots looked great and the bark scratch test revealed a healthy green below. I immediately planted this tree and will update with growth progress.

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