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A few weeks ago, I ordered a southern magnolia seedling and put in the correct mailing address. however, when I paid with apple pay it changed the mailing address to the address attached to my debit card. this was order #3560. As soon as I realized my mistake, I placed another order with the correct address, this was order #3561. I quickly emailed your provided contact email letting you know my mistake and included the order number (3560) asking it to be cancelled and refunded. You then proceeded to cancel and refund order 3561, the order with the correct address. While I was annoyed, I still had access to the other address and figured I would just have somebody collect it from there in Atlanta for me. However, it arrived 10 days later than it was supposed to and showed up basically dead. In the end, I still have no plant in the location I intended to order it and the one I do have (at the wrong location) is useless to me as it has died and has no leaves. I would like a full refund of order #3560 if possible.

June Plum Tree
marisa arnsdorff
Never get them yet

Tracking but said nothing for when will recieve the plant ?..?

Sorry! He is not satisfied

Gift for Father's Day. Unfortunately, he did not see the root and leaves. He did not expect it will be growing. Perhaps, the item will be returning.

King Mulberry
Robert Tropea
Great mulberry tree

Received my tree plus an extra. Thanks!

King Mulberry
Bobby Bullard

When the plant arrived, it was already shriveled. I’ve tried everything possible get it to come back, but it died.

Still waiting

According to you .... you ship the tree 19 days ago I have not received the tree yet....



Packed well and germinated, ready to plant

Beautiful plants with a strong root structure. Arrived in excellent condition.

These dwarf plum trees are being gifted to two of our daughters. I had hoped to purchase two more but was too late. They must be very popular. We are excited to watch the trees begin their growth next spring.

Sycamore seeding

Arrived in good shape. Just hope I get it to grow.

FUYU persimmon tree XL size (2 feet tall +)
Prof. Majeedul Chowdhury, PhD

Did not receive any Persimon plant until today Tuesday 8/29/2023. When will it arrive?


When will I receive my order

King Mulberry
Daniel Harrison
Arrived alive and well

Arrived alive and well. No issues with order. Seems to be thriving still.

Great company, friendly Owner!

These guys are great! Will be buying all my fruit trees from them from now on! Very easy transaction, seems like a healthy seedling. I got a honeycrisp apple tree! Excited to add it to our orchard!

Pecan tree seedling
David Huffstetler

Seedling arrived securely packaged and healthy. Would definitely shop here again.

King Mulberry
Heather Westbrook
King Mulberry

I was extremely skeptical since this variety cannot often be found. I went ahead and ordered, optimistically. I was beyond PLEASED! So pleased, I didn't take any photos, I was so anxious to get it planted. The plant arrived well packed, in a heavy cardboard tube, capped at both ends. Inside, the tree roots were packed with enough moist dirt to survive during transport. On top, and below, the tree, packing materials prevented the tree from sliding from one end of the tube to the next end. After opening, the roots looked great and the bark scratch test revealed a healthy green below. I immediately planted this tree and will update with growth progress.


Do you have a potted fuyu persimmon fruit tree?

Too soon to rate

It arrived alive so that’s good. We planted it a pot and will plant it outside on the

I ordered the June Plum Tree a few months ago .Because I didn't plant well, that tree died. I emailed to the boss,he was very patient in replying to me and send me a free one for replacement. Thank you again!

I was about to give up on the tree but now I see leaves coming out .I am very happy but need years for the fruit .

White Mulberry Tree
Dorothy Statkevicz
White mulberry

I received my mulberry seedling. It looks green and healthy. Leaves will be coming soon! Can’t wait to eat the berries in a few years. No one else carried the white mulberry except you! Thanks

Stanley Plum.

When I received this tree, the top 2 inches was broken. The roots looked healthy, so I planted it in a huge pot on my patio. I waited several weeks, and when I was about to give up on it, tiny leaves began to sprout on the top. So far, it is doing well, and I'm looking forward to those great tasting plums someday!

King Mulberry
Robin Beeley
It's alive and well

I received my King Mulberry exactly as expected (I'd been scammed in the past and had low expectations). In the timeframe of the instructions, it sprouted and it doing great!! Thanks so much.

White Mulberry Tree
Sarkis Babikian
Wonderful Little Tree

I would like to see how things turn out in 5 years before a complete review, but so far things look good. I love mullberries and no local nurseries seem to stock them because many people erroneously think of them as a nuisance.

Fast delivery and the tree arrived well packaged without damage with detailed planting instructions.