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Kwanzan Cherry tree seedling

Fast shipping excellent service

King Mulberry
Simon Karapetyan
So far so good!

It adapted within a week , on a second week had few leaves showed up, and it was eaten by deer right a way, was so disappointed! Now I build screen fence around my tiny tree and it gave another round of leaves and I’m happy no deer come close! So hope one day I will enjoy my sweet mulberry-an echo from my childhood!

Seedling persimmon

Good packing , strong stent only one leave attached and fell. New leaves came out with health look in the past weeks . But why develop black spot from the tips of each leave ? Too much water or disease? Would you reply me !
Thank you

Hickory Sapling

I ordered a sapling for a present for a friend. My Shag Bark Hickory came quickly and undamaged. I am looking forward to watching it grow. CKK gave me excellent service and instructions.


I did expect a smallish tree, and received a small sapling. I did follow the clear directions and it is starting to grow so I am still very pleased.

First Time Customer

I had placed my first order this year. It was a smooth process from placing it online to delivery. Chris was very patient and prompt to answer all of my questions via email even long after the purchase. I appreciate the personal treatment and look forward to doing more business in the future. Thank you!

CKKPRODUCTSLLC is a GREAT little company

My wife and I recently moved and have been buying lots of new plants, little trees, flowers, etc. for our new backyard. Long story short like many other people... we bought a few garden plants, flowers etc. etc. from the Home Deopts, Lowes of the world..also some online stores like Burgess who were JUST terrible. We wanted a Persimmon tree NOT available at a H Depot... and I stumbled on CKKPRODUCTSLLC's store. We bought a Persimmon seedling from them. The store has AMAZING cus. support and communication. The plant arrived a tad dry, but this was at the height of a nationwide heat wave. So far, the seedling seems very healthy...and it arrived rather quickly by the way. I am most impressed by CKKPRODUCTSLLC's communication as I had several questions about the Persimmon tree...and one of the owners named Chris has been beyond amazing. This great buying experience has been 100% OPPOSITE of cus service at the larger stores like a Burgess. Very pleased overall and hope to do business with CKKPRODUCTSLLC again next summer.

Excellent Service

The tree I ordered arrived as expected. However, since I am a beginner in planting fruit trees, I texted the owner for help. And he did! He provided detailed instructions regarding what kind of soils to use, how to plant the tree and how to take care of the tree. We even talked over the phone for more than 10 minutes and it was his after-work hours! I feel much more comfortable after talking with Chris. I would recommend his farm to my friends!

Looking promising

Growing nicely... about to shoot out some leaves

Hickory yrees

We had a lot of trouble with the order as some of the shipments and replacement shipments never arrived. Chris was patient in accepting my word and in the end sent me an extra tree for the inconvenience. I am pleased with the quality of the trees and impressed by the careful packaging.

It has not leafed out yet.

Planted it in pot following instructions. Not sure how long it normally takes for first leaf to appear. It's been about 2 weeks.

June Plum Tree
Gary Crawford
June Plum Tree

At first I thought the June Plum Tree was dead, So I e-mailed Chris and asked him for a refund, but Chris reassured me that the tree wasn't dead so I waited a little longer and sure enough the tree wasn't dead. I started seeing little buds sprouting, so I e-mailed Chris back and told him Thanks.

Amazing quality and customer service! My tree is alive & thriving!

This is now the only place that I shop online for plants and seeds. This company puts forth so much effort into growing and packaging their seeds and plants. The packaging is unmatched, and I've bought plants online from several other places now. I live in Florida and it reaches above 90° already here an early May. My package was delivered in a hard cardboard poster container, wrapped carefully with water gel crystals and meticulously taped moisturized paper towels. The container was left in the sun for a couple hours before I realized that the tree had arrived, but inside the plant still had a healthy amount of moisture. The bare roots are so healthy and strong. I've purchased a persimmon plant from this shop as well (in October). It came out of dormancy after many months and reproduced 3 more baby persimmons. I truly can't recommend this shop enough. I've had plenty of questions too and they're so helpful here. I can't recommend this shop enough! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐🌱

Sassafras tree cuttings
tammi renee anderson

Sassafras tree cuttings

Cherry Plum Tree seedling
Jacqueline Patton

My experience with this company was beyond exceptional. Chris walked me through the entire process and answered my every concern with promptness.

Well packed shipment

We received the order. The small trees are well packed in good moisture. The attached sheets of papers give good information on how to plant them.

Definitely a seedling

Not what I expected but hoping it will grow into a beautiful tree.. did not realize literally a seedling..:-)

June Plum Tree
Quang T. Nguyen

June Plum Tree

Supreme Customer Service

Christopher from CKK Products made the process easy and comfortable. He promptly and patiently responded to all of my questions. The package arrived safely with instructions. This is the very reason I prefer working with small businesses and look forward to future business with Christopher. Grateful for the friendly and honest touch!

Fuyu Persimmon

Arrived in nice shape. All planted and excited to see how it does.

Top-notched customer service from Chris

I need to refine my order on a Sunday. I got immediate and complete responses from Chris within minutes. I am impressed.

June Plum Tree
Jaya Patel

June Plum Tree

Great service

Was only curious where my package was, so I messaged the company. Such a quick response, and they expedited my sapling without even asking! And I must add, the rare find I received will be in my backyard and loved for years to come. 10/10. Thanks guys 👍🏻


My tree arrived after 20 days and went into the ground on day 21. The tree was still wet and it was in great condition. Well done!