Kousa dogwood seedling 2-3 feet tall

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These seedlings are grown in root plugs. Simply put, they will end up being healthier, faster growing trees. They are shipped ready to transplant where you choose.

The Kousa Dogwood, also known as Japanese Dogwood, creates a showy white appearance throughout the summer. This tree will make a beautiful center piece in your landscape. In summer sweet juicy berries appear that will be ready for harvest in the fall. Once fall comes the deep green leaves turn scarlet. This makes for a beautiful sight in several seasons.

Kousa Dogwood grows 20 - 30 feet high and 20 - 30 feet wide. Round in shape this tree has dark green leaves. Flowers bloom in May to June.

- Seedlings are 2-3 feet tall
- Pictures are of actual seedlings in stock (seedlings shipped from November-May may not have leaves on them as they will be dormant)
- Mature Size: 20-30’ tall, 20-30’ spread
- Water: Medium
- Hardiness Zone: 4-9
- Sun Exposure: Full sun to partial shade
- Characteristics: Round in shape with dark green leaves, flowers bloom May to June.

NOTE - Seedlings shipped from November-April will be shipped dormant with their roots wrapped in moist media for safe shipment

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